There are several different genres of video games. Here I show a few of my faves.
   Platformers are some of the most famous games around. The first platformer, Donkey Kong, was released in 1981 and was a huge hit. 
   Nowadays platformers are wide and varied. Click the link to see some great ones.
   Rpgs are another well-known genre. The first rpgs were text-based adventures. Alot of RPGs are rather violent, but I know a few that are pretty good. Click the link to see some.
   Adventure games are pretty cool if you like to think. Most include puzzles that will leave you stumped for quite some time. Some of my favorites are listed in the following link:
   Sports games are a very popular genre. I think about anyone who owns a videogame console has at least one sports game. I prefer more cartoony sports game over things like Madden, but everyone has their faves. Click here to see some good ones I know:
   Some people like to play Music and Party games. Music games are pretty varied, from dance and karaoke games to band games. Party games are for more than one player, and most are great for the whole family. I don't know much about these, but what I do know you can see here:
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